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Unibersidad ng Pilipinas - Los Banos

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Current Life

I think i am not living on how a 21 year old girl should live. I go to school, i study. I have these gadgets where 21 year old girls normally have. But why do i feel like im living like a 30 year old woman?

I have many friends. They are always asking me out. But what is my problem? I am not fond of going out. Of shopping. Of strolling at the mall. Of meeting up with good old friends. I would rather stay at home, sleep, eat, read books and watch movies. Alone.

why did i suddenly thought of this?

my dad asked me a while ago this question: Lys, ot eka lulwal? magmall ka. malbe sine. makakulong naka lagi bale. mayari na baksyun mu. (lys, bat di ka lumalabas? magmall ka, manuod sine. lagi ka nalang nasa bahay lang. matatapos na bakasyon mo.)

do i have to change? and if yes, how? 

simple struggles of my life, yet i dont know the answer.


sa aking patutunguhan
masakit na hindi kita kasama
ganun pa man
para saan pa?
congratulations again to my NG brods and sisses! ❤️#uplb #up #ng #nogoods #elbi #boardexam #ae #abe
❤️ #up #uplb #elbi #miabe